Quadra ESD & UV Magnifier

High tech carbon-fibre and special conductive coatings guarantee full ESD compliance for the lifetime of the magnifier. An extra wide, 3 diopter (1.75X) optical quality glass lens provides a superb panoramic view, allowing precise inspection of sensitive electronic components and large PCBs. High power 6,000°K daylight LEDs on both sides of the lens give shadow-free magnification, or alternatively, each side can be independently turned on or off to give 3D magnification.


With integral UV-A (365nm) LEDs, detailed inspection of conformal coatings can be quickly and safely carried out as well as thorough checking of soldered joints, welds and other mechanical stress areas. The left and right sides can be independently switched to give 3D viewing if required.


Heavy duty internal spring arm allows accurate and consistent positioning and an auto power off function saves energy. The 12 diopter (4.0X) ESD swing arm lens is included. Various alternative diopter suction lenses are available separately.


Key Features


Quadra ESD & UV Magnifier has 4 features in 1:
- Full ESD Compliance
- Extra wide rectangular lens
- Daylight 6,000K LEDs
Special anti-static (ESD) coatings for electrostatic safe areas (IEC 61340-5-1 and ANSI/ESD 20:20)
Wide view, 3D (1.75X) Lens, 20.3cm x 12.7cm (8” x 5”)
Optical quality glass lens with anti-static coating
UV-A (365nm) SMD LEDs for the inspection of conformal coatings, detailed checking of welds & soldered joints as well other mechanical stress areas
In addition, the left and right sides can be independently switched to give detailed 3D magnification
Daylight (6000K) SMD LEDs
Daylight LEDs have 4 brightness levels)
Auto Switch-off after 9 hours
Low power consumption
Effortless free-motion internally reinforced arm
Extra Long Arm Reach
High performance materials
12D (4.0X) Swing Arm ESD Safe Lens included


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