Siplace (Siemens) 'X' Feeder Shelf 915-350 & 915-370

Siplace (Siemens) ‘X’ Feeder Shelf 915-350 & 915-370

  • Code No. 915-350: Available with 70 locations. Utilising the full width of the shelf for storage.
  • Code No. 915-370: Available with 40 locations. Shelf mimics machine and would be used for kitting purposes.
  • Designed to fit the following Kitting Trolleys:
    • 851M Kitting Trolley.
    • 851-07 Double Sided Kitting Trolley.
    • 851-450 Mini Kitting Trolley.
  • Manufactured from high quality materials.
  • Full ESD compatibility.
  • Inclined to prevent feeders from detaching.
  • Feeders sit inside shelf framework to ensure protection from damage.

Correct pcb & component storage will increase efficiency and reduce downtime.


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