S M Tape Splicing Station 1000-001

  •  Code No. 1000-001

A trolley to assist your operation to splice a fresh reel of components to the end of the tape of a  depleting reel whilst the machine continues to place components.

This maintains the flow of production and avoiding any stop/start disruptions.

This particular trolley uses the purple handle splicing tool BZ026 while it is firmly fixed to the platform of the trolley.


This allows free movement of the operation to achieve its task quickly and efficiently.



  • Highly maneuverable trolley with all ESD precautions
  • Platform which can be adjusted in height quickly and easily to suit operator comfort.
  • 2 shelves – top shelf for hand tools and adhesive tape with scoop type edges
  • Lower shelf to take empty used reels
  • Optional Extra: Table Top Shelving with conductive storage ESD Bins


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