PCB Storage & Handling – Mossman Tebbs Ltd

Important Announcement

Lineside Compact Double Sided Mobile Reel Rack  825-60

Mossman Tebbs are proud to announce that we have a new reel rack to add to our range.

The Lineside Compact Double Sided Mobile Reel Rack will take 62 reels per double shelf.


Welcome to Mossman Tebbs Ltd and our manufacturing arm MCI. We provide twenty first century manufacturing all under one roof to specialist engineering skills and capabilities throughout the PCB and Electronic industries. Our designing and manufacturing has made the company highly respected with a reputation for trustworthiness, competitive pricing and reliability. Our precision and machine engineering skills are respected throughout the engineering sector as being second to none.  We hope you find the website informative and we look forward to your call.

Products & Services:

  • PCB Trolleys
  • Component Storage Racks
  • ESD Workstations
  • Screen Racks
  • Loading Stations
  • Feeder Storage Racks for Juki, Mycronic, Europlacer, Philips, Siplace & Panasonic.
  • DIP Tube Storage Trolleys.
  • Bespoke Solutions

Company Profile:

Mossman Tebbs (Handling) Ltd was founded 1989 when Peter Mossman, a Mechanical Design Engineer, joined forces with an Electronics Engineer called Martin Tebbs. This company designed and built various types of handling and storage equipment for the Printed Circuit Board manufacturing sector.

In 2006 Peter Mossman teamed up with Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd. Established since 1973 and with their sterling manufacturing reputation made them an ideal partner. MCI’s twenty first century manufacturing facilities gave us the advantage of taking projects from concept through to finished product all under one roof.

For the following six years Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd manufactured the ‘Mossman Tebbs’ Range of PCB Storage & Handling Equipment.

In order to keep the brand strong, Mossman Tebbs Ltd was then formed, which is part of the Metal Craft Group. Incorporated in 2012, this new company provided a clear identity for the PCB Handling and Storage Equipment being manufactured by Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd for many years previous. This culminated in successfully registering the equipment with the Mossman Tebbs trademark.

Now with solid foundations, Mossman Tebbs Ltd can grow the business and provide a stable platform for the ‘Brand’ to prosper. The equipment is high in quality and provides easy to use solutions that create greater efficiencies, higher productivity and increased profits for those companies who have invested in Mossman Tebbs products.